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StartBox Pony Club Integration

StartBox Online Scoring, LLC has partnered with The United States Pony Clubs, Inc. to develop a Pony Club component for the StartBox Online Scoring System. The new component provides support for Pony Club Team Competitions and Horse Management scoring. Read more...

StartBox Demo

Try the StartBox Live Demo

A full-featured demo lets you enter horses and riders, schedule rides and score all phases. Contact StartBox for access!

Canada Horse Shows

Equine Canada Approved

Equine Canada now requires online submission of results. StartBox is approved for use by EC for horse trials and dressage. Contact StartBox for more information.

Where in the world
is StartBox?

StartBox Worldwide

US: 931 competitions
Canada: 85 competitions
South Africa: 38 competitions


US: 80 competitions
Canada: 20 competitions
New Zealand: 9 competitions

Current lifetime usage

Horse Show Management for the 21st Century

Everything you need to manage your event, from StartBox to finish line!



Live Online Scoring, Up to the Minute Leaderboard
Scores entered in the software are immediately posted on the web! The Leaderboard dynamically updates as placings change within a division. Draw Lists, Wait Lists, and Ride Times are also available online.

The online Results and Leaderboard are hosted by StartBox so you don't have to provide any of the technology. The USEA homepage will feature a link to your event's results, driving more attention and traffic to your competition.


Dressage, Cross-Country and Stadium all at the same time? Piece of cake. Send a scorer with a laptop down to the stadium ring while others enter dressage and cross-country scores as they come in.

Entering Horse and Rider

Entry Management

Drastically reduce the drudgery of entering horse and rider data by tapping into online databases and dividing the workload among multiple people simultaneously.


Say goodbye to the frustration of scheduling hundreds of riders, many with multiple horses in multiple divisions! The software helps you sort it all out.


The event may be over, but your work isn't done. There's all those reports to be filed! With the click of a button, you can generate USEA, USEF, FEI results and many other useful reports.

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Key Features

Web-based Software

  • No software to install on your computer. All you need is an Internet connection - even dial-up will work and there are wireless options for those located in the middle of nowhere. StartBox provides and maintains the servers on which the software is running.
  • Access from any computer, anywhere, anytime.
  • Multiple people can work on entering data or scoring at the same time.
  • All data entered is immediately available on the web.
  • Safe and secure - all data is securely stored on the web server and backed up daily.

Easy to Use

We've spent years developing and field-testing this software to ensure that Organizers and other event personnel are able to dive right in and start using the software. A live, online "playground" version of the software is available so you can get a feel for it before your own event.


The software allows you to run any number of different levels or types of competition, including USEA and FEI CIC levels, Young Event Horse, and Combined Tests. In addition, you can choose to run a division in either Dressage/Cross-Country/Stadium order or Dressage/Stadium/Cross-Country order and switch between the two on the fly if needed.

Use any or all of the 4 software modules - Entries, Scheduling, Scoring, and Reporting. Only need Online Scoring? No problem. Only use the modules needed for your competition.

Divide and Conquer

The amount of work doesn't seem so overwhelming when you can split it up! With multiple people simultaneously entering data or scores, stuff gets done in a hurry.

Communicate with your audience

Riders, owners, and spectators want information and they want it now! Give them what they want with draw and wait lists, ride time, and scores posted directly to the web.

Free Tech Support Provided

Software is fully supported by the developers via phone or email. Online tutorials and extensive documentation available.

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StartBox Pricing

Each event or show is charged a Setup and Support Fee for using StartBox Online Scoring. This fee allows StartBox to provide updates, new feature development and one-on-one support. The fee is calculated per entry that starts the competition (starter). An invoice for each event or show will be emailed the Monday after the competition. Payment can be made by check, credit card, bank transfer, or PayPal.

2017 Rates (Competition dates beginning on or after April 1, 2017):

Recognized Events, Combined Tests and Dressage Shows: $3 US per starter
Unrecognized Events, Combined Tests and Dressage Shows: $1 US per starter

2018 Rates (Competition dates beginning on or after January 1, 2018):

Recognized Events, Combined Tests and Dressage Shows: $5 US per starter
Unrecognized Events, Combined Tests and Dressage Shows: $2 US per starter

For rates at events and shows that take place outside the US, please contact us.

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Let us give you a guided tour and answer any questions you may have.
Please call StartBox at 585-489-9661 or email info@startboxscoring.com.

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